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Customer Satisfaction, Service Beyond Expectations

  • Fully localized strategy
  • Individualized service: differentiated service and manpower for individual property
  • Special Service Culture of Asia: Hospitable and attentive services that come from the heart
  • Boost staff self-esteem to improve service quality
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Reaching Beyond Hotel Expectations

  • In addition to the hotel division, LOTTE Group operates a variety of businesses, including retail and food and beverages, that can be used as subsidiary services.
  • Expansive client connection point: LOTTE Membership for securing more clients
  • Exclusive ‘LOTTE’ brand loyalty in Asia

Global Sales Office

  • Local promotional activities targeting travel agencies, tourism-related associations, and global corporations
  • Attend and participate in hospitality/tourism related conferences
  • Collect local information and research new development projects in the region
  • Engage in local contracts through RFP and localize systems


  • Advanced LOTTE Operating System
  • Share information on operations, the operation manual, and design standards and etc. prior to opening a new LOTTE HOTEL branch
  • Enhance efficiency and professionalism of tasks between HQ and property


  • Earn and redeem L points at LOTTE group affiliates
  • LOTTE is maximizing its global brand recognition using big data on LOTTE members


  • LOTTE HOTEL’s global community of membership
  • Earned P.POINTs can be used in a multitude of ways
  • Redeemable at LOTTE HOTELS for reward nights, F&B, and at LOTTE Duty Free


  • VIP membership program for LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW


Group-oriented business expertise

  • Strong network with international corp. & travel agencies
  • IInterface between branches and numerous collaborating travel agencies, PCO, and tour operators


  • One of the world's biggest travel agencies that was launched as a joint venture between LOTTE Co. Ltd (50%) + JTB Corporation (50%)
  • Portfolio was developed with a focus on the convention industry
  • Operates 131 overseas branches in 82 cities in 33 countries

Premier operator of conference hotels in Korea

  • Capitalize on advance-booking cycles by our powerful national sales force
  • Expertise in many international events, such as Olympic games, Asian games, IEC and PATA


Over 25 years of experience and expertise in the leisure market

  • Expertise in various fields, including theme parks, golf clubs, and ski resorts.
  • Leisure hotel packages with strong ADR and OCC performance


Pre-Opening Training [7-9 weeks]

  • Service standard-posture, appearance, facial expression, phone-manner, etc
  • On the Job Training
  • Dry run & Inspection

uppl. Training on Site [1-2 weeks]

  • Problem-solving training
  • Supplementary training

Cross Training [2-4 weeks]

  • Exchanging exceptional staff members within the company
  • HQ – Property cross-training

Train Local Instructor [2 weeks]

  • Train local instructors to manage service quality : Lecturing skill / Seminar simulation


Strengthen in-house instructors and service quality level

  • Located in LOTTE HOTEL WORLD
  • 1,503㎡
  • 2 lounges, 2 labs, 7 rooms (Food and beverages, front desk rooms) and computer room